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Practice updates

Phio Tool

Phio is a clinically safe, digital musculoskeletal consultation product. A free interactive app, accessible on any smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer, that quickly and accurately signposts patients to the right pathway to support their MSK condition.

Click the link below to get started using Phio

Zero Tolerance

In line with NHS Highland the practice operates a Zero Tolerance Policy of verbal or physical abuse towards any staff member, patient or visitor of the practice. Staff have the right to come to work to care for others without fear of being abused. It can be upsetting for them and lower staff morale.

Your health is important to us & we understand that it can be a stressful time when you or a loved one is unwell. This does not excuse any form of aggression or intimidation towards our staff. If a patient is deemed to have acted in an unsatisfactory manner, a warning letter will be sent out in the first instance. If the behaviour persists, we may as a Practice exercise our right to remove the patient from our patient list.

Information for Patients Attending Private Hospitals and Clinics

If you are thinking about using a private health provider, we strongly advise you to first consider the information on service provision GP practices are not able to perform private tests using NHS resources

If the private specialist thinks that you need tests or surgical procedure, they are responsible for arranging tests & medication that might be needed for this. It is also the private clinician's responsibility to discuss tests & investigations directly with you.

Child Immunisations

In line with NHS Highland direction GPs will no longer be responsible for the delivery of vaccinations and immunisations effective 1st March 2023.

From 01/03/23 Childhood Vaccinations will be done by a visiting vaccination team. They will visit the practice fortnightly to carry out clinics. Bookings will now be done through Child Health booking service.

Child Health Booking Service - 01463 709 197

Highland Sexual Health

Should you suspect you have an STI you can request a Home Sampling Kit straight from the Highland Sexual Health website. See the link below.


The practice are in the process of sending appointment invitations by text service (mobile no. 07903594832). If you would like to opt in for this service please email

Please let the practice know if your mobile number has been changed or if you share a mobile/have provided us with a work mobile number. Please also let us know if you do not consent to use of the practice SMS

Email Address for Practice

Wearing of Face Masks

As of 16th May it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks in a GP Surgery. If however you would prefer to wear one please feel free to do so. Some of our staff may continue to wear one too.

We would like to request that when you come to the surgery with respiratory infection symptoms that you let our team know, both our receptionist and clinician you will see and if possible please wear a mask to protect staff and other patients. Thank you

NHS Highland Dental Emergency Information

NHS Highland Dental Emergency Information -

Please telephone your own Dental Practice or for out of hours tel NHS Highland Dental Helpline on 0800 141 2362

You can email to register with an NHS Dental Practice

Patient Participation Group

Drumnadrochit Medical Practice Patient Participation Group - The PPG was established in Feb 2002. A meeting

will be held on Tuesday 27th June in the Craigmonie Centre (Glen Urquhart High School) @ 7.30pm. Thank you to all who attended

The PPG of DMP aims to: (a) act as a channel of communication between the Practice and the practice boundary it serves (b) inform the patients about Practice Services (c) consult the patients about any changes to these services (d) promote patient involvement in health promotion activities.

Physiotherapy Service

You do not need to see a GP to make an appointment with the physiotherapist. Telephone the practice reception to make an appointment with Advanced Physiotherapist Lynn Jarvis

What can you see the physio about?

Back and neck pain

shoulder, knee and other joint problems

sports injuries and sports training advice

recovery after a fracture

arthritic pain

general enquiries about musculoskeletal problems

orthopaedic pre-operative or post-operative advice


The registration process takes time so please register as soon as possible preferably before you need an appointment

The practice register all new patients, within the practice boundary, with the doctor with the shortest list. You are however free to make appointments with any doctor you wish. If you wish to register as a permanent patient please attend the practice with relevant ID to complete the process

Home Visits

Please request home visits before 10am, if possible, so the doctor can prioritise their visits

It is appreciated if you can attend the surgery if possible. House visits are very time consuming. In addition the surgery is a more practical environment to see patients with all the required equipment at hand. Please ensure we have the correct address to attend, nature of the call & contact no.

Dental Problems

If you have a dental problem the most appropriate person to contact is your dentist or dental helpline

If you require antibiotics or pain relief a dentist can write a prescription. GPs are not in the best position to deal with dental problems as they are not trained in dentistry. If you do not have a dentist please telephone the Dental Helpline on 0800 1412362

Primary Care Mental Health Services NHS Highland (North)

PCMH Team aim - provide information to enable people to work through emotional health difficulties they may have & to improve health & wellbeing - it is suitable for adults with mild-moderate mental health problems & helps those experiencing common mental health difficulties eg anxiety & depression

The PCMHT aim to provide info to enable people to work through emotional difficulties they may have & to improve health & wellbeing. The service is suitable for adults with mild-moderate mental health problems & helps those experiencing common mental health difficulties inc anxiety & depression.

Covid Vaccinations

Please check NHS Highland website for further updates that will be issued as the information becomes available. There is a table named Vaccination Access for COVID-19 on the website too. Information and bookings can be made via NHS Inform Scotland

Vaccinations will be organised by the NHS Highland, please check NHS Highland website for updates - and select the vaccination tab.

Telephone System

We hope the practice phone system will replaced at some point soon. It is hoped the down time will be minimum. We will notify you of dates and times.

We will inform you of emergency contact number nearer the time of replacement

Medicine Sick Day Rules

Dehydration can be a significant risk to people taking certain medicines. The Sick Day Rule cards have been produced to aid patients in understanding which medicines they should stop taking temporarily during illness which can result in dehydration (e.g. vomiting, diarrhoea and fever).

This leaflet is about what actions to take if you develop

an illness that causes dehydration. These actions are called

‘medicine sick day rules’.

Free Condoms

Free condoms by post for young people!

Waverley Care has now launched a free condoms by-post scheme for young people alongside their successful scheme for adults. Please follow the link below where you can order free condoms after answering a few questions and watching a video.

NHS Public Holiday(s)

The practice will be closed on Fri 29th March & Mon 1st April 2024 for Easter Break. If you have a life threatening medical emergency dial 999 and ask for an ambulance. Alternatively if you require medical advice please dial NHS 24 Tel 111

The practice will be closed on Fri 29th March & Mon 1st April 2024 for Easter Break. If you have a life threatening medical emergency dial 999 and ask for an ambulance. Alternatively if you require medical advice please dial NHS 24 Tel 111

How The Practice Manage Blood, Urine & Stool Tests We Do On You

If action is not needed, we will not contact you, unless you have agreed differently with the clinician who ordered the test.

The practice system - records every test we do - checks the result of every test - a clinician (GP or PN) interprets the result - if action is needed (medication change, follow-up test) the practice will contact you

Waste Management Project

We are participation in an audit on Medication Wastage and would appreciate patients cooperation to complete the form below for us.


When you phone 111 and the choose the mental health option, you'll be connected to a team of psychological wellbeing practitioners(PWPs) - see

Phone 111 if you're feeling distressed, in a state of despair, feeling suicidal or in need of emotional support. PWPs can offer advice on coping with mental health symptoms. They can also recommend and connect you with other services if needed. Remember for an emergency ambulance, call 999